Paul Davidson

Creative Technologist


With 17 years of IT experience, and seven in a software engineering capacity Paul has a proven carrer of value added technical production. With a knack for tinkering he has built apon his mechanical inclidation and tied in mechanical components to his skillset.


Coding Mechanical
Python Rasbery Pi servo control
JavaScript Diesel mechanicals
React.js Bosch I.P.
Angular.js Composite materials
JQuery Batttery assembly
AI Mobile
SQL Wiring


Unimog resto-mod

Instead of taking automotive classes. Paul dove into a DIY engine swap on a Unimog 404. Rebuilt and modified a diesel engine and installed using custom parts. While a learning experience, Paul utilized a can do outlook to make it happen.

LiFePo4 combo starting-house battery
ECU free, mechanical engine.
Increased power
Hybrid pip / FRP composite panels
Pnumatic roof lifting system

HTML5 Banners

Working for various advertizing agencies such as PB & Seattle, Cole & Weber and Hammerquist, I've taken Adobe graphic files and created lightweight HTML5 banners. End clients have included WA State Convention Center, the Chulluly exhibit, Pride Seattle, Hawaiian airlines, The olympic Partnership and more. Using "vanilla" JavaScript, I am able to keep file sizes at industry standards (150kb usually) for fast loading. My prefrence is to create from code up for better cross-browser compatibility and easier updates. I'm able to clearly explain any technical issues and the cost benifits of different solutions.

JavaScirpt Graphic Designer
HTML5 Non-technical PM
CSS My role: Principal Developer
Adobe Illistrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Animate

Working for PB & Seattle on a freelance basis, I created a new version of the site with pure HTML | JS | CSS. This was simple, but pretty fun to get the design just right. I worked with a few non-technical people and made several changes throughout the development.

I worked for Microsoft on mainly on the front end of the,,, and Very skilled developers gave me guidence every day and I improved my ability as a developer immensely. I worked in a .NET environment with custom LESS libraries and Xhtml with C# and RESX injection. Several project managers worked with me to deliver solutions to the code quickly and effectivly. We participated in daily standup using a Kanban method due to the high churn of development reqs and daily site deployment.

JavaScirpt Developers
XHTML Project Managers
RESX Design

Data Reporting System

Working with the Sr. Data architect at Cole and Weber, I created data intake, deduplication, business logic implementation and publishing procedures. Working closely with the marketing department to get the correct requirements, we worked carefully to create a reporting system pulling from nearly 100,000 rows of data.

MS Server Sanagement Suite Database Systems Architect
SQL Non-technical PM
C# Business Logic Liasion
XML My role: Developer


Inspired by childhood memories of the origional arcade asteroids game. This front end only site features very simple and clean code to make a little, two player game. Click the asteroid and keep it from destroying the planet!

JavaScript My role: Solo Developer
Blue Cloud Hosting

There is no one place on the internet that features a plurality of expedition vehicles for sale. Overland It aggrigates expedition vehicles for sale from a variety of sites and hosts them on a mongoDB database using Node.js and Express.js as the app backend. The origional concept was to data scrape expedition vehicles from a few sources and aggrigate them on the site. However, the problem was a bit too big for the solution. There were no sites with more than two expedition vehicles on them so the data was manually added to the database.

JavaScript | CSS | HTML My role: Solo Developer


This moble responsive web app was created to help people be better prepared for emergencies. Users input where they live and are given a snyopsis of earthquake, civil unrest and flood danger for that area. They are given reccomendations for food, water and gun storage and can log in and get their prep score by inputing the number of meals, gallons of water, and guns they have. I'd like to improve the load time and number of cities available to select from.

JavaScirpt | CSS | HTML API Developer
Node Git Master
Express FE Designer
Angular My role: Project Manager & Developer


GearSpoke is a site where users can rent their outdoor gear to fellow users. There's no fee to sign up, you can pay the rental fee securly through the site and it only costs 10% of the rental to rent your equipment over the site.
As co-founder | CEO of GearSpoke, Paul learned while doing and was a major part in the development the site and it's community. With three technical developers and one designer, Paul created an easy to use, beautiful site while gaining the respect of his co-founders an mentors. After selling in 2014, Paul was determined to become an expert developer.

JavaScirpt | CSS | HTML CIO
NoSQL DB Administrator
Boostrap VP of Sales
Asana Backend Developer
BaseCamp Several Mentors
MailChimp My role:CEO


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